A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The game's very short. Even though I am just 14, I am open to crisism. Oh, and, don't take this game seriously. It's made for the (Godot) Wild Game jam, obviously.

This game was made with godot version: 3.2(stable)

Other programs I used: Paint.net,mspaint,bosca ceoil(for music),sfxr(for sounds),audacity for further editing and my voice

I used TextureHaven to get free textures.

PS: This is my first game...

I exported both the linux and windows builds to 32-bit, so everyone can play it!

Post edit: Optimized the file sizes, and zipped them to make the install faster! (And so it won't take up a whole SSD up.)

Install instructions

Step 1. to install on windows: Open the ".exe" file.
Step 2. is to enjoy

For others, I don't really know :(


Zombie Madness.zip 25 MB
Zombie MadnessLinux.zip 26 MB
Zombie MadnessMac.zip 40 MB
Zombie MadnessGLES2.7z (For old PCs) 23 MB

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